Danny Ainge wants to make the playoffs, but not really

The Celtics are doing all the right things, just not at the right time.

Don't get me wrong, this "all about 8th-seed" mentality is fun, but not nearly as enjoyable as the still more popular montra of "all about 18."

Despite the encouraging signs from the green this season, they are not in the business of "one and done in the playoffs" seasons. Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge said as much today in the Boston Herald.

“It’s not my objective to be an eighth seed in the playoffs,” Ainge told the Herald. “My objective is to win championships, and we’re a long way from that.”

So if you don't want to be the 8th seed, but you don't want to (and I am not advocating this, but I sort of am) tank, then what are we doing here?

If they were say in the Knicks situation right now, sure this season would have been just a brutal to watch as last year, but at least there was a light at the end of that 82 game tunnel: Marcus Smart. The same could have been said for this season with Jahill Okafor, Karl Towns or D'Angelo Russell waiting for them on the other side.

Now, an early exit after slightly aggravating either the Atlanta Hawks or the Cleveland Cavaliers has us destined for a temporary high, that, in the long run, doesn't do as much as the alternative.

In the same Herald piece, former Celtics and now Clippers head coach Doc Rivers reacted like many people who follow Brad Stevens and company.

I don’t think anyone thought this quickly that they’d be in this spot, and they are.”

Doc meant this as a compliment and went on to say they are the best situation rebuilding team in the league, but if you gave Ainge shot of truth serum he would agree with this statement and then proceed to groan.

They were meant to be average and compete sure, but with a couple lottery picks sprinkled in. Not just one.

Brad Stevens and the Celtics should not try to lose game on purpose just to increase their chances in the lottery and if even if they wanted to, it's too late now. Team 8th seed is in full swing, but at the end of the day we might have been better off jumping on the Team 30 seed train.

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