Cup of Joe. We will not stand for this senseless hornet attack on Brian Scalabrine

I wish this column could simply celebrate last night's crucial win over Charlotte. But there are larger matters at hand. Last evening, your lord and savior Brian Scalabrine was viciously and senselessly attacked by a literal Hornet. While some might be hesitant to speculate, I full heartedly believe that this was a blatant and intentional attack by the Charlotte Hornets organization in response to the Celtics win and I for one will not stand for it. They knew, nay THOUGHT, the only thing that could dampen our spirits would be a vicious attack on red headed hero.

But they underestimated the heart of Celtics nation. We will rally together to remember the spirit of the White Mamba. We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight. PEOPLE OF CHARLOTTE - THIS MEANS WAR! YOUR HERO VS OURS! CAGE MATCH

Start Your Morning Off With.... Crash Wallace?

Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened to... Erick Strickland
authored by TB727

He was a tough lefty-combo guard who was the master of taking charges. In 2002 the Celtics were 4-0 with him as the starting point guard when Kenny Anderson got injured. I for one was crushed when he left Boston after his one season. If you remember the Cinderella Celtics of 2002, you absolutely remember Erick Strickland.

A former Nebraska Cornhusker (and a tremendous overall athlete, playing football and baseball very competitively) Strickland played his first four years in the league for the Mavericks, who weren't that good at the time. Didn't stop me from remembering a certain game: Tuesday March 11, 1997. Mavericks vs the Knicks (a team I have always passionately detested). Watching that game and the show Strickland put on left an indelible mark on my youth. 12-12 from the foul-line. Amazing ball-handling, he embarassed the Knicks' guards Childs and Starks on multiple occasions. He was absolutely everywhere and lead them to victory that night. My thinking is wow, this guy can play!

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