Cup of Joe. Smart's mistake cost Celtics big

Seconds after the final buzzer, you'd have to think that Brad Stevens was reminded of a quote he gave before the game to Sean Grande; "Its important that (Marcus Smart) knows what he did impacted our team."

It's almost like Stevens knew how'd this game would play out, because he ended up being exactly right. Smart's momentary lapse in judgement in San Antonio led to a home loss at the absolute worst possible time against a very beatable Detroit Pistons team. The hope is that the Oklahoma State product was forced into learning his lesson as he watched Detroit's their starting back court combined for 44 total points- 17 more than they average together this season - from home.

It'll be interesting to see how the rookie responds tonight against the Nets. To quote Evan Turner after last nights overtime loss, 'He owes us one.'

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Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened To... Shammond Williams

He was a 6'1 guard from North Carolina, who for awhile I used to get confused with Donald Williams, the most outstanding player for UNC during their 1993 NCAA championship. Unlike Donald, you probably remember Shammond Williams, who did play in the NBA.

Shammond was drafted 34th overall, in the second round of the 1998 draft, after playing with Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison in college. Although he was drafted by the Bulls, he never suited up for them, instead being traded to the Hawks for Cory Carr (not to be confused with Chris Carr).

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