Cup of Joe. Luigi Datome's pre-game drink is coffee, obviously

Luigi Datome scoffs at your sports drinks. He dumps your water on your face. When it comes to pre-game drinks, there's only one thing Luigi Datome - DA GAWD - wants; An enormous cup of coffee, straight black. Cream & Sugar is for children, and the weak.

Before games, Datome can be found with a cup of coffee in his hands. Unlike other players who prefer sports drinks, he sticks with a hot beverage.

“It’s just something to wake me up a little bit,” he explained as he stirred. “I got used to a shot of espresso back in Italy. Here, everywhere I go, I just find a big quantity of coffee and I enjoy it. I drink it straight black. I just need caffeine.”
Source: Jessica Camerato, BasketballInsiders

Little caffeine pickup. Maybe create some separation in defenders with a series of coffee farts. Makes perfect sense to me.

Start Your Morning Off With... Delonte West BACK!

Delonte West is on the comeback trail & is slated to make 2015 @TexasLegends debut here:
Source: NBA D-League twitter account

Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened To...Alaa Abdelnaby
authored by TB727

He was the first Egyptian player to play in the NBA. As a Duke graduate, he was destined not to become an ultra-successful NBA player. In fact the quote he may be remembered best for was while he was at Duke in regards to their rigorous academic program, he said "The only way I can get five A's is when I sign my name." You may remember Alaa Abdelnaby.

He was selected with the 25th pick in the 1990 draft by Portland after a 4 year career at Duke. Alaa didn't win a national championship, as he graduated the year before Duke would win their back to back NCAA titles. I remember his final college game clearly when UNLV destroyed them in the National Championship game. As a member of Portland he was on the 1991 team (that began the season 19-1) and the 1992 team which lost to the Bulls in the Finals. Even though his playing time was minimal, this wound up being his most success in the NBA.

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