Cup of Joe. Isaiah Thomas to get X-Rays on tailbone

Isaiah Thomas finishes game, but will need x-rays. Status for Wednesday questionable

Allow me to take the long road to explain a point. A year ago, Larry Bird sat down for an interview with Bill Simmons and one of the most interesting segments was a discussion on flagrant fouls. The legend talked about some of the memorable scrums he had, and about how he had made amends ever single opponent except for one; Bill Lamibier. Bird explained that he understood certain players had to play extra physical to get by. And because of that he understood why certain players needed to commit hard fouls. But Laimbier was different. Laimbier was out to injure. His goal was to put that player, and the people who depended on them's, livelihood's into question.

As great of a player as Dwyane Wade is and has been, this play is how I hope people remember him. Not as an all-time great, but as what he truly is; a fucking punk. A dirty player who has a history of deliberately trying to injure players, and the kind of phony, wannabe thug whose first instinct is to pose over a guy after a hard foul. As if knocking a mid-air, undersized guard to the ground is something that merits a celebration.

What makes it that much worse is just how unnecessary it all is. Wade is an accomplished player, who was gifted with elite athleticism and drive. Health issues aside, he's one of, if not the most skilled shooting guards in the history of the game. He doesn't need to be a dirty player to get by, he just chooses to.

Thomas for his part finished the game (25 points, 3 assists), but believes he'll need X Rays. His status for Wednesday's game is questionable.

Isaiah Thomas said he thinks he'll get X-rays on his tailbone tomorrow. He's in some real pain.
Source: Adam Himmelsbach

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Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened to... Adrian Griffin

When I first saw Adrian Griffin play I was psyched. Here was an undersized small forward with a knack for the ball and a knack for defense. His first month in the league with the C's in 1999-2000 he was named Rookie of the Month. He was a combination of ML Carr and Kevin Gamble. He was tough and the Celts needed toughness back then. And then, the Association figured him out.

He bounced around from team to team in traditional journeyman style finishing with a career scoring average of 4 ppg. He played for the Bulls, Rockets, Mavs, Sonics and Bucks. He even started some back on the 2006 Mavs that made the NBA Finals.

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