Cup of Joe. Isaiah Thomas hits some impressive scoring milestones

Isaiah Thomas' historic scoring start

Most points, first five games as a Celtic...

Ray Allen 113
Kevin Garnett 113
Isaiah Thomas 109
Source: Sean Grande

Isaiah Thomas is first Celtic to score 19 or more off the bench in five games in row since Kevin McHale in December of 1983.
Source: Bill Doyle

To say Isaiah Thomas has been better than advertised is a disservice to what he's done in his first games with the Celtics. Thomas has been nothing short of electric; seemingly able to get to the rim at will, with a remarkable ability to leverage every bit of his small frame to distance shot blockers.

The milestones listed above aren't to say that he'll finish in that company, but to display how terrific he's been at the start of his Celtic career.

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Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened to... Vitaly Potapenko

He was the number 12 overall pick in one of the best NBA drafts of all time. Along with Zyndrunas Illgauskas, they were both first round picks that season for the Cleveland Cavs. He took a lot of grief from fans when he was acquired for the pick that turned into Andre Miller the next season. You probably remember the "Ukraine Train," Vitaly Potapenko.

Potapenko came from Wright State University, one of only two players to make the NBA from Wright State (by the way, check out this other guy Bill Edwards. Look at that shooting percentage, both from the field and on free throws! I'm astonished he didn't last longer than 3 games ;-). Vitaly would play his first 2.5 seasons in Cleveland before being acquired by the Celtics for Andrew DeClercq and their first round pick (which became Miller).

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