Cup of Joe. Isaiah Thomas back Wednesday?

"Thumbs up for rock n' roll"

With the fort being mostly maintained his absence, all signs are pointing to 'yes' for Isaiah Thomas' return Wednesday night. Per the Celtics twitter account:

Stevens on IT's return: "Everything I've been told is that Wednesday is as close to probable as it gets. He hasn't played w/ our guys yet."

Much like a no smoking sign on your cigarette break, ironically Thomas' Wednesday return would mean an immediate opportunity at revenge against Dwyane Wade, who you may recall is a freaking punk, and the Miami Heat.

Start Your Morning Off With... James Harden hoists the Swag Championship Belt high then points at the Wrestlemania sign. Will Steph Curry respond?

Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened To... Andrew Declerq
Authored by TB727

This week in What The Hell Happened To, we remember the career of Andrew DeClercq. After a junior season in which he helped lead the University of Florida to the Final 4, Andrew was selected by Golden State in the second round of the 1995 draft by the Warriors. He'd play with the Warriors his first two seasons which means in his second season, he was teammates of the immortal Todd Fuller [Early Tangent time: Look at this draft. I mean look at it! Who is unequivocally the least productive player of the top 21 picks? It's Todd Fuller by a landslide. Don''t even think of mentioning Dontae' Jones who only played 15 games in the NBA- Fuller wasn't half the player Dontae' was. I just don't understand how Fuller was drafted over Bean, Nash, Jermaine, even Tony Delk. Looking at that list, you can bet pick 22 will have a WTHHT article about him sooner than later].

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