Cup of Joe. Did Marcus Smart deserve to be ejected?

Smart was ejected late last night. Did he deserve it

Noooooooope. Next question.

The ejection was foolish, a fitting end to a fourth quarter that featured several curious decisions by the officiating crew. This was a borderline no-call; With Smart extending his elbow out in an attempt to create separation, and unfortunately connecting with either Elfrid Payton's neck or head. As Brian Scalabrine rightly pointed out, it's the kind of thing you see James Harden do about three times a game. Certainly not a malicious act with the intention to injure.

Heck, even Elfrid Peyton agreed - saying after the game that he didn't "think it was a dirty play at all."

While it ultimately, just like the few other questionable calls, didn't affect the outcome of the game, it was no doubt a very frustrating moment for Smart and the Celtics.

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