Who the Hell is Henry Walker & why is it Trending #1 on Twitter?

If you were like me and saw "Henry Walker" trending on Twitter tonight you might have asked yourself who the hell it was?

Turns out Henry is old friend Bill Walker.  So why the name change? Bill Henry had this to say:

“It’s just about growing up, I never liked the name Billy and everybody called me that. My Mom even wondered why everyone called me Billy? I just wanted to get out of it. I’m growing up and getting older, and I just felt like it was time to drop that name.”
Why is he trending?  Check out his dunk from tonight for Miami:

Don't get your hopes up and think there one day there will be 2 separate WTHHTs for Bill and Henry.  Remember, Bill Dinwiddie became Rashid Shabazz and Earl Williams became Eliezer Ben Abraham and they each only have one.

And in case you forgot, Henry used to dunk pretty impressively in his short time in Boston including this one over Theo Ratliff, allowing me 3 WTHHT mentions in this brief article in February: