Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell's call of Evan Turner's game winner

Boston sports are blessed to have some great play-by-play guys. Whether it's radio or TV, we are guaranteed to hear some unique insight listening to our local team. This is certainly the case with the Celtics who boast a very strong TV play-by-play guy in Mike Gorman as well as a strong radio duo of Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell.

On Wednesday night, as Evan Turner tossed a runner in to give the C's the win against the Atlanta Hawks, Grande and Max were at their best:

Grade is such a nerd and I love it, just follow him on twitter, it's worth it. But everyone, do yourselves a favor if you want a change of pace while rooting for the C's, put on that old radio in your house and listen to a Celtics' game through the words of Grande and Max, you won't be disappointed.

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