Report: Tayshaun Prince "less likely" to be traded by the deadline

The trade deadline is almost 48 hours away and, as expected, Boston's name is cropping up in trade speculation. But when it comes to Tayshaun Prince, the reports are saying he's not going to be dealt and will probably be bought out.

Adrian Wojnarowski also brought up Prince on Jim Rome's radio show.

It's unclear if Prince's $7.7 million contract is gumming up the works in a trade, as that salary could be difficult to match, or if teams really want to keep their second-round pick. It could be a combination of both. Things can absolutely change over the next two days as the deadline nears, but it appears rival execs are on to Danny Ainge's efforts to get every single draft pick on the planet.

My fingers are still crossed hoping Prince isn't bought out. He's a veteran voice who can help mentor Boston's young roster in the locker room.

If Prince is bought out, CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely says the Los Angeles Clippers will be hot on his heels.

And if that happens, a league source told on Sunday that the Los Angeles Clippers will make a run at the 6-foot-9 forward.

Prince, who grew up in Compton, Calif., would provide ex-Celtics head coach Doc Rivers with another versatile two-way player with a championship pedigree (2004 NBA champion in Detroit and Olympic gold medal winner) who has shown the ability to fit in with a team contending for a title (Memphis) as well as a team rebuilding (Boston) this season.

The next two days should be pretty interesting for Boston. Nothing could happen at all or the roster could look very different if Prince, Brandon Bass and Marcus Thornton are all sent out of town. There's also the possibility, although slight, that Ainge could pull off some blockbuster deal to bring in a stud. The only thing that's certain is if there are trades to be made, Ainge will try his hardest to work his way into it.

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