Only Kelly Olynyk is safe from Boston's record snowfall

As of this writing, it is no longer snowing in Boston, a situation that is expected to last less than 48 hours before the next wave of the white stuff descends upon us on Thursday, threatening to bury us all. All of us, that is, except Celtics seven-footer Kelly Olynyk, who shared this graphic from The Boston Globe:

That shows how much snow had fallen in the city this winter through Monday morning. The image at the top of this article, which was shown on WCVB-TV, was updated in the afternoon, by which time nearly 74 inches had been recorded. As you can see, Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia has one more reason to be glad that Spring Training is in Florida.

The snow has now surpassed the height of Brad Marchand and Danny Amendola, both of whom measure under six feet, but 6'4" David Ortiz is not far off. With at least one more storm expected to hit by the end of the weekend, Olynyk may not be sitting pretty much longer.

The latest storm's unofficial name, as given by The Weather Channel, is Marcus, which prompted the Celtics to have some fun with rookie guard Marcus Smart:

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Oh, and since you wondered, Mark Wahlberg is long gone by now (from the Globe):

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Image credits: WCVB-TV (athletes), The Boston Globe (Wahlberg)