Green Envy: What Nuggets fans said- 2/4

Crowder stole the ball!!!! It wasn't pretty in the second half, but a win is a win. It's good to see a team, not named the Celtics, throw away the ball at the end. The C's defense was strong, but the Nuggets also were sloppy with the rock. The Nuggets fans are not very pleased with this outcome. As you can see by most of the additional comments, a lot of their fans dislike Brian Shaw. Boston still loves you BShaw!!!

Top Three

Gallo having a rough night...I think he needs a shave and a haircut to feel more like himself… There is a direct ratio between his play and the amount of hair product he uses…

GO Suckiest Sucks That Ever Sucked!!!

Fart when they shoot the three. Ok boss.

Player of the Game- (Evan Turner. I guess C's fans and Nuggets fans saw the same thing...)

Wow Evan Turner is terrible.

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Hey Stiffs We down a million yet?

That's the Shaw that we all want to see...The one that is close to getting kicked out?

let's get this loss started!

What's the angle of the dangle, Stiffs?

Watch how slow or lost our defenders are on the 3's. Surely they know better (and don't call me surely).

Wow... Dropkick Murphys playing at the TD Garden... what are the odds?


lol Hickson

The tank comin right at us!

well this escalated quickly...

Teams just rain 3s on the Nuggets on a nightly basis

We're not down 20!

Four Celtics down floor, one Nugget

I'm cool with any lineup that does not feature JJ

Foye and JJ are getting traded tonight, I wish.

No breathing until the end of the game.

Chandler and AAA need to be traded like yesterday

short, shriveled and to the left

The neck beard adds weight to his balancing foot while shooting.

Watching Gallo I miss the Melo Iso offensive days. As much as the ball didn't move, I miss it

If I give up true love will the Nuggets ever win a championship?

We are in danger of winning this! GET LEEROY JENKINS IN THERE.

lol I feel hopeful since the Nuggets came back then I remember they should have been winning all along

How are the nuggets tired? They haven’t done shit in like the last 4 games

Hey! Standing and waiting 18 seconds for a play to develop gets tiresome, ok!

Damn hope Shaw never becomes a HC again after this gig here and he never succeds in that dream of his...

Nope. Shaw is doing us a favor with these crappy lineups

Ok, do I go for a drink and see what happened afterward? Or sit it out and yell at the dogs if they lose.

I'm sick and tired of Afflalo thinking he's Kobe in the post

Come on Boston don't screw this for us.

lol @sullinger's free throw style

prediction: after the game BS will say something like "juka was not hustling back on defense/offense cause he was tired" while when everyone else is clearly tired (gallo ty, aaa. faried. chndler) the solution is to call a timeout and roll them back out there. such a damned hypocrite.

So, I guess it doesn't matter if the Celtics step out of bounds.



tonight was the first time the players did exactly what their coach said shaw said if we lose all the remaining games but we are competitive then he could live with that

pls tell me what he said i dont have the post game the same with coach BS(it can be Brian Shaw and bull shit how ironic)

Gotta lose to the Pistons on Friday
move into that 10th pick

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