Green Envy: Hawks fans rip Celtics, then get their hearts ripped out

Really did not expect to have a Green Envy tonight. But here we are, and Hawks fans were pretty pissed.

You guys bitter or something?

I dont like the Celtics. I really really dont like em’

they consistently seem to find douche-y players
across all sports. never forget their peak years with 2 of the biggest jerks in the game [pierce and kg]. between pierce throwing up gang signs at our fans and kg’s ridiculous shoulders into the chin of zaza, i wont forget. plus the refs in those playoffs series, the ‘flagrant’ on marvin for trying to hold up rondo from slipping. won’t forget and am happy they are bottom-feeders now. hope we skunk them by 30 points tonight.

Pierce isn't a jerk so much as he is a diva...which is still unlikable. KG is definitely a jerk.

splitting hairs. i could call pierce any number of things, as he’s earned it over the years.

Celtics fans with a chance to see a brand of basketball they haven't seen in like 30 years :)

Boston crowd looking sparse
Seeing a lot of yellow seats in those stands. This is the city that stands with its teams through thick and thin, isn’t it??? Could’ve sworn that was the crap Atlanta fans have been hearing from them through their glory years…..

Off to a hot start

Celtics look slow. Seems about right.

The Hawks seem eager to get to the AS break. The Celts are playing like it has already started.

Al Horford may not return to the floor..Because having him in the game is like an intentional competitive disadvantage.

wow we're just scary..

Dominique bout to come off the sideline and dunk on this entire crap team

Al Scoreford!!!

Hawks aren't even attacking the Celtics, they're just walking down and dropping the ball in the basket.

Oh no, the lead is shrinking

Don't be getting sloppy now
In spite of Bob and Nique being in fill mode almost all night the Hawks have left the window open and need to go on a run to make me feel safe.


The Hawks must have thought they were on the bus already. Not worried, though. The Celts had to make a run. And they will run out of steam.

this game is frustrating. i wanted a blowout and a lot of Dennis and Moose

If the Hawks lose this I am going to lose it.

and if they win let’s never speak of it again.

Anddddd Evan Turner delivers a dagger through their heart


Fuck this

I hate Evan Turner so much

This is so, so, so depressing. Fuck this.


Fucking ridiculous

Bout to throw a god damn brick through my TV

Evan Turner of all people. I hate that rat bastard

Hurts so bad..

Thats the worst loss in at least 5 years. Up 15 at halftime vs the Celtics. Up 10 going into the 4th Q. Inxcusable loss.

so bitter. dunno if i can watch the ASG

teams hardly ever give up 15 point half time leads, To give this up tonight, was absurd. Not to that garbage Celtics team.

the feeling I feel right now is the the hawks just got eliminated from the playoffs feel…..ik I’m being nonsensical….but I don’t even know what to say.

Celtics are trash. We just lost to trash. We trash now