Fire up your trade machines: George Karl would be willing to move Demarcus Cousins

If you thought your day peaked after today's llama chase... you were 100% right. Two llamas, running for both their lives, as well as their freedoms is unbeatable.

Here's a close second though; reports are that George Karl is in charge of personnel in Sacramento, and he doesn't consider Demarcus Cousins untouchable.

Karl wants players who move the ball and push the tempo, and that could mean wild upheaval on the Kings roster. Even DeMarcus Cousins, their franchise center, is not untouchable, according to a source with insight into Karl’s thinking. “At the trade deadline, everyone was available,” the person said. Including Cousins? “Every single person (on the Kings roster) was available.” Although Karl does not hold a front office title, “he definitely has control” of future personnel decisions, the source said.
Source: Howard Beck, Bleacher Report

This can't sit well with Cousins and his camp. He's spent five years saddled with subpar talent that has never fit. His favorite coach was fired without his consent. A new one hired without being consulted. The organization is bizarrely obsess with playing a pace that doesn't suit his game. And now, after weeks of visible frustration -highlighted by this appearance on the BS Report - his name has come up in trade rumors. It's just tough to see this not boiling over.

The price for Cousins, of course, would be extremely high. But as far as I'm concerned, there's no price the Celtics shouldn't pay to secure the talents of the most dominant big man. Thomas, Young, Olynyk, Sullinger picks, you name it. You want Ty Lawson? We'll ship him your way with a boat load picks on top of him. You wannna get nuts, Kings? LET'S GET NUTS