Danny Ainge looking ahead to the NBA Draft at Boston College v. Notre Dame game

Boston Celtics President, Danny Ainge and son Austin, Director of Player Personnel are among those in attendance at today's match-up between the Eagles and Fighting Irish in Chestnut Hill, MA.

So who do they have their eye on?

Notre Dame is currently 23-4 overall and 11-3 in their conference. Depending on the game and the motive, there could be a few guys under the watchful gaze of the Celtics’ front office. Jerian Grant, Zach Auguste and Pat Connaughton have each lead all scorers more than once this season. Both Connaughton and Auguste are also frequent fliers in the high rebounder club. Fun fact: two of the three are local kids, Auguste from Marlborough and Connaughton from Arlington, MA. It's Jerian Grant's name that's likely surfacing on NBA Draft boards. Grant currently leads Notre Dame in average points, assists and steals per game.

Who do you think the Celtics are scouting tonight?

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