Cup of Joe. Sully defends his Urkel shirt

Good morning! Welcome to CelticsLife's morning column, Cup of Joe. Each morning we feature a few quick-hitters from the previous night; the important stuff, the not so important stuff. The weird, the wild, the in between. A nice, mindless morning column to start your day off with. So pull up a chair, grab your Morning Joe, and find out what happened last night while you were sleeping.

Sullinger defends his Urkel shirt

Arriving late to shoot around for the second time in four days is probably a pretty awkward feeling in itself. More awkward? Showing up late wearing a 'Did I Do That?' Urkel-shirt.

Jared took to twitter to explain himself:

You guys are sick!!!! That was my undershirt to go with my jacket!!!! I guess it's just wrong timing....

Listen Jared, that's fine and all. But there's only one way to rebound from this. Only one way to REALLY let Celtics fans know that you've turned the corner, and left your goofy, accident-prone, habits behind. Friday night. One way to let us all know that now, your smooth, sleek, suave, and you very much take being on time seriously: Stefan Erkell shirt.

Out with Jared Sullinger. In with Jarrod Sullinjare.

The NBA has created a new, and totally awesome Mt. Rushmore App

If you haven't messed around with it, do so. And while I'm sure we'll cover this again, I wanted to get my own Mt. Rushmore in early

Start your morning off with... JR Smith does JR Smith things

Just about 3 full seconds left, man, but sure.

Vintage WTHHT: What the hell happened to... John Bagley

Certain colleges are renown for developing certain types of players. Clemson could produce big men (Dale Davis, Elden Campbell, Horace Grant). Virginia Union produced unheralded big men who would play larger than their abilities (Charles Oakley, Ben Wallace). Boston College for awhile was known for their point guards. Michael Adams, Dana Barros, and this week's WTHHT featured player, John Bagley.

Bagley was drafted with the 12th overall pick in the 1982 draft by the Cavs. He'd play his first 5 years in the league for Cleveland. After being traded to the Nets in 1987 for the corpse of Darryl Dawkins, Bagley would have his highest scoring output when he averaged 12 ppg in 82 games, 74 of which he started.

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