Cup of Joe. Rondo benched after verbal spat with Rick Carlisle

Things don't seem to be going too splendidly for our old pal Rajon Rondo. The point guard is averaging just 9 points, 6.2 assists and 4.5 rebounds in Dallas, and now this; midway through the third quarter, a pretty heated exchange with head coach Rick Carlisle, after Carlisle called a timeout leading to Rajon remaining on the bench for the final 20+ minutes. Rondo left the locker room last night without addressing the media, because, well, duh. He's Rajon Rondo.

This could be just a temporary dustup, or there could be something more to the situation. Consider the following tweet from ESPN's Tom Haberstroh

I suppose time will tell, but it'd appear the market for Rajon Rondo is continuously decreasing.

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Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell happened to..Brad Lohaus
authored by TB727

Lohaus was a 7 foot lefty from Iowa. Despite his height, over 1/3rd of his NBA points came from 3 pointers made. In other words if you’ve never seen him play, think Toni Kukoc without all the other skills that made Kukoc very good. I remember some referencing Lohaus as being the evil twin brother of Matt Bullard, (below) another Hawkeye with the inclination to shoot 3s instead of play inside. I think it was more just because they were both tall white guys with blonde hair from Iowa.

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