Cup of Joe. Brandon Bass doesn't know what a buy out even means

Not only does Brandon Bass not think he'll be bought out, he's not even sure what that even means
"Why would I be a buyout candidate?" he asked Wednesday night at Sleep Train Arena. "Where'd you hear that from?"

Well, CBS Sports' Ken Berger reported Bass could be headed for a buyout if the Boston Celtics do not move him before Thursday's trade deadline. Bleacher Report's Howard Beck also recently included Bass on a list of "likely buyout candidates."

"I don't know anything about that, man," Bass told "I don't even know what a buyout is. What is that?"
Source: Jay King, MassLive

I'm getting seriously nervous about Brandon Bass, you guys. First, it was the fear of swimming. Now, he doesn't even know what a buy out is?! It's in the freaking title!

I think I've come to the logical conclusion; Brandon Bass is a role player savant. He has been put on earth to perfect the role of the first big man to come off the bench. His entire life is above-average defense, midrange shooting, and two handed slams. Literally everything else is a constant struggle.

My hope is that he's bought out if a trade can't be found. I hate that we live in a world where we don't do right by a player that does well by us. Brandon Bass has been given every reason to gripe; his minutes reduced, role fluctuated during the final year of his contract and not a single public gripe. He's a proven veteran with playoff experience, and at 29 years old this might be his last chance to get one more nice contract and we've heard nothing but positive things from him.

The guy deserves to be able to go to a contender and prove his worth.

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