Who has been the Celtics MVP so far?

In a season where your team is 9 games below .500 with 50 games left, it's tough to think positively about a team. But anyone who knows me knows I'm a glass half full kind of guy.

If I didn't think positively I wouldn't be able to stay in on a night to watch a lifeless game in Milwaukee. But as is the case with any team there are some good takeaways from current the roster.

These are professional athletes who have a skill I can't even fathom. I pretend like I'm in decent shape, running on a regular basis, but put me on a basketball court playing pickup and I turn into Newman from Seinfeld. After a few trips up the court I'm begging for a sub, both the one to replace me and the one with cold cuts in the middle.

Okay, enough with my rambling. My point is every team has valuable players. The question for this current Celts’ roster is who their MVP is so far. A case can be made for a number of players since the majority of the roster has had its share of ups and downs. But three players stick out as the most valuable. Jeff Green, Tyler Zeller and Evan Turner have all made a case.

Jeff Green started off the year as a legitimate All-Star candidate.

Green put up consistent numbers throughout November and December including a 35 point effort in the near comeback in Dallas and 28 points in a big home win against Washington.

But no player has seemed to take the departure of Rajon Rondo harder than Green, who has scored in single digits four times since the trade last month. Green hadn't been held to single digits once all year with Rondo as his point guard. Since the trade Green is only averaging 12.5 points per game, which hurts his case for being the team’s best/most valuable player.

Zeller is probably the biggest surprise of the year. Acquired in an under-the-radar move during the summer, Zeller meshed quickly with his Boston teammates and quickly became the team’s starting center.

Averaging 9.8 points per game and grabbing 5.3 boards per contest, Zeller has been very consistent all season. His 63% from the field is impressive since he is constantly matched up against a stronger center from the other team.

But Zeller remains sneaky big and has some post moves that are impressive. Zeller could be a very good building block for this young team.

But my pick for MVP Is a guy I couldn't stand to start the season, Evan Turner.

I admit that I hated his jumper and questioned if I could beat him in the 100 yard dash. Turner's game isn't pretty but it's also what makes him unique. His ball skills are more zig-zag than crossing you up, but he gets to his spots and is shooting an impressive 47% from the field.

In last Saturday's loss to Chicago, Turner, even with Derrick Rose on the court, was the best player on the floor after pouring in 29 points, grabbing 5 rebounds and handing out 6 assists.

His mid-range game is old school and he continues to be the team’s best option at point guard since Rondo was dealt. It will be interesting to see if Turner is this year’s Jordan Crawford, who played his best ball in Boston last season, but was then dealt for draft picks.

Turner would certainly be a good addition to a contender but he is more valuable right now as a Celtic where he can be a primary ball handler. Don't sleep on his 3.8 rebounds per game. He continues to do the little things that make the haters (like I was in November) turn into fan.

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