Video: Jeff Green with the poster dunk, former Celtics score 54 in Grizzlies win

Former Celtic Jeff Green poured in 12 points of his 21 (including the vicious dunk above) in the 4th quarter tonight as the Grizzlies defeated the Magic. In fact former Celtics had 54 points, which was more than the rest of the team combined. Former Celtics GM Chris Wallace sure loves bringing in Celtics players and so far they have all paid dividends. Tony Allen took a huge step in his NBA career  when he signed with Memphis and Courtney Lee has been a very solid addition.

So far Jeff Green is having a better transition with his new team than the last time he was traded. Just like the Celtics in 2011, the Grizzlies are considered a contender to make it to the Finals. If they do, it will likely mean the Green trade was a success for the Grizz.

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