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No, it's not James Young, Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk or even, 6th overall pick, Marcus Smart that Danny Ainge and the Celtics should be holding close to their Shamrock'd vest.

Rather, it's Brad Stevens.

The second year head coach is the quintessential piece in this teams rebuild and should be looked at as the highest touted prospect in the organization.

However important the players are to Celtics success, on the floor or on the block, Stevens is the engine that makes it all run.

Now with Stevens in the second year of a six year, $22 million dollar contract, you'd probably wonder why I'm even writing this.

Well the answer would be the theme of the past two seasons with the green; losing.

Obviously, Stevens knew what he was getting himself into here when he left Butler and was well aware Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were never walking through that door. Although, he'd probably settle for Leon Powe at this point, but I digress.

In any case, you can tell yourself that you can handle the losing and convince yourself that you know what's in store, but losing the most you've ever lost in your coaching career is something that I don't think anyone can comprehend until you're in it.

Stevens lost 49 games in four years at Butler. Last season he lost 57 games with the Celtics and is looking to post another 50-plus loss season with Boston this year.

Now earlier this season there was some uneasiness around Causeway St. that Stevens may leave the C's and go to his home state to coach the University of Indiana, but I don't buy that rumor and according to Brad Stevens I shouldn't.
"I’m the head coach of the Boston Celtics," Stevens continued. "This is the job. This is where I am. This is what I want to do really well and I’m committed to being as good as I can every single day for the Celtics."
And as much as I think he's telling the truth here, it doesn't mean that sentiment can't change.

Who's to say that in two more season from now, the Celtics miss on a couple of the litany of picks Danny has been scrounging up like a kid on Halloween and they are two years beyond that from contention.

It's a very real possibility.

In that case, Stevens would/should be tempted to go back to the college game where the coaches are viewed more as the stars rather than the players are in the NBA.

So how the Celtics should handle this is how any franchise should handle a rising star.

By surrounding him with talent and force his hand.

If you do the opposite, well then we're in the same boat we were just in with Rajon Rondo, what Minnesota was in with Kevin Love and what Cleveland was (and quite possibly still is) in with Lebron James.

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