Report: Larry Sanders tells Bucks he doesn't want to play basketball anymore

Larry Sanders has been a green target of Celtics fans and Celtics Life writers for a few years now. He's the prototypical ridiculous having wingspan rim protector the Celtics haven't had in a long while. Problem is while he has the athletic tools, his head hasn't been in the game. Sort of sounds like Andrew Bynum without the bowling tumbles huh?

The natural reaction is going to be for people to say, how can he not want to play basketball. That Sanders is so lucky to get paid 8 figures to play a child's game. But maybe Sanders has never liked basketball. Due to his height he was more or less forced to play the game. Now that he's made some money off his talents, he might want to walk away from a job he loathes. Sounds rather Ricky Williams-esque. Or Bison Dele-like. We'll keep you posted on whatever direction this story takes.