Report: Celtics have high asking price for Green

According to USA Today Reporter, Jeff Zillgitt, the Memphis Grizzlies' interest in Jeff Green is nothing new. What's been holidng it up is the high price Danny Ainge is asking for.

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Grizzlies have long been interested in Celtics forward Jeff Green, but Danny Ainge has a high asking price, I've been told.

This is 100% assumptive, but I'm forced to believe that high asking price must be Kosta Koufos AND a future first round pick (the Grizzlies do not own their first round pick - that's one of the two that was dealt to Denver in the Mozgov trade), as well as Tayshaun Prince* to make the money work. Again, complete speculation, but I can't see either a future first or Koufos (whose contract will expire at the end of the season) as too high of an asking price.

Before you get too annoyed about the Celtics acquiring another 'mediocre big,' Zillgitt also reported that the Celtics are attempting to free up their current 'log jam.'

It's a tough line for Danny to be walking. The Grizzlies are reportedly also interested in the Heat's Luol Deng, and outside of the Grizzlies, there aren't a ton of other potential landing spots for Green (OKC, Atlanta). In regards to Jeff Green's new home, live NBA Odds heavily favor the Celtics shipping Jeff to Memphis.

This of course, is many Celtics fans greatest fear - that Danny won't strike when the iron's hot. Holding out for too much, and eventually coming away with less than the original offer.

Keep in mind, this is what Ainge had to say about the trade and Green during his appearance on the Toucher & Rich show this morning.

“You never know when you’re close in negotiations. Suffice it to say we’ve had many phone calls around the league. It’s that time of year and there are going to be a lot of rumors, especially when you’re a team who has won 12 games,” said Ainge. “I guess Jeff is the new Rondo for our team — the guy whose name is in the paper....

“Jeff has been our best player this year and has had a fantastic year,” said Ainge. “Last night, he didn’t have a good game — he got in foul trouble early — but he hit two big shots to seal the victory down the stretch. He has been our most consistent scorer.”

Whether that be his real thoughts, or him doing a little bit of politicking is anyone's best guess.


*I think it's fair to assume that Prince would be waived