Report: Boston working the phones looking to use its Traded Player exceptions

Zach Lowe over at Grantland dropped a little nugget about the Celtics in his latest piece about the D-League Showcase.

After their flurry of deals over the last two weeks, the Celtics could absorb some extra salaries from teams looking to shed money or work complex trades. (Credit to Marc Stein, who rattled off Boston’s precise trade exception information when I bumped into him Thursday in Santa Cruz. Few people enjoy trade exception minutiae as much as Steiny.)

Boston has been calling around the league over the last week, reminding GMs that Philly isn’t the only team with salary space to rent out as we approach the February 19 trade deadline.

This news shouldn't be surprising. Padraic covered all of Boston's Traded Player exceptions and how they can be used a few days ago. The bottom line is the team has a ton of them and can insert themselves in pretty much any trade to help other teams match salaries.

We recently observed what a TPE can bring in when Boston got Tyler Zeller, Marcus Thornton's expiring deal and a first-round pick for just a TPE, and a second-round pick that has no chance of being conveyed, so that the Cleveland Cavaliers could sign LeBron James. If Danny Ainge can get a similar haul before the deadline, an already stacked war chest would be close to overflowing.

Trader Danny is still hard at work. Boston's name should crop up in trade rumors a few more times before February's trade deadline as the rebuild marches on.

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Photo credit: Ryan Phillips