Let's play the blame game

The Boston Celtics have lost 7 of their last 8 games. And after last night's mostly embarrassing home showing against the undermanned Charlotte Hornets, you've got a lot of guys who are looking at the man in the mirror, asking themselves to change their ways. One could argue that no message could be any clearer; if they want to make the TD Bank a better place, they've got look at themselves and make the change.

The Celtics are super-sad, you guys. And you've got a lot of guys who are taking blame. So much so, we can power-rank them from least to most sad.

3. Jeff Green

"It starts with me. I would blame myself for the way we've come out and played... so you can put the blame on me if you want."
Source: Steve Bulpett

That's kind of sad, but nothing past your standard stuff. Jeff Green, at the moment, is probably the Boston Celtics best overall player. Certainly the most veteran (of those who have the opportunity to make an impact). So it makes a lot of sense for someone in his poistion to come out with the usual, 'it starts with me.'

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2. Jared Sullinger

"we can't play hero ball. We have no heroes."
Source: Jay King

Oof. That's some serious reflection right there. Not that he's not right, this team clearly doesn't have a go-to scorer by any means, but it's still one of those things that's hard to hear. This is a man that is hurting.

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1. Brad Stevens

“I’ve got to figure out how to coach this team better,” he said. “I’m not doing a very good job. We’re not playing well. We’re playing almost … it’s not good basketball. I will figure rotations later once we’re playing good basketball and when we’re all focused on playing good basketball. That’s on me. I’ve got to do a better job.”
Source: MetroWest Daily News

...That's some heartbreaking stuff. Not only that, but Stevens ended up confessing to WEEI's/CelticsLife contributor Julian Edlow that he was 'just throwing darts' when it came to playing everyone by the middle of the third quarter.

Listen, over the next few days a lot of people are going to question this guy's rotations. And rightfully so, they've been terrible. A lot of that is on Danny Ainge, who clearly needs to make some kind of minor move sooner than later. But still, Stevens is the Head Coach, he has to own this. And to his credit, he appears to be doing so.

Still, you got to feel for him. This is a guy who clearly detests losing, and a year and a half of sloppy play has really got him down. It may be time for this guy to finally sit down and indulge himself in some 'Frozen.'

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