Cup of Joe. Welcome to our new daily column.

Good morning! We here at CelticsLife are going to start a new daily week day morning column entitled 'Cup of Joe.' It will feature a few quick-hitters from the previous night; the important stuff, the not so important stuff. The weird, the wild, the in between. A nice, mindless morning column to start your day off with. So pull up a chair, grab your Morning Joe, and find out what happened last night while you were sleeping.

West Coast certainly not the best coast for the C's

Celtics out west for start of 6-game road trip. Including three games this season, C's 0-18 on road against the west since last season.

I'm going to venture a guess and say that many of you weren't exactly holding out for a strong west coast showing  out of the Celtics anyways, but still, 0-18, with the last win coming in 2013 is pretty tough. Especially when the team will be on it's longest road trip in 3 years.

Paul Pierce Mimics Russell Westbrook

In case you missed it, Friday night Russell Westbrook - who was quite annoyed with at least one of the members of the media - decided to go all Rasheed Wallace on a post game interview, answering 'good execution' to just about every answer. 

Since he's the freaking man, Paul Pierce (who as Grantland's netw3rk points out, is dressed like he's the hip-hop booker for Mohegan Sun) decided to parody Westbrook's comments Saturday night. 

Start Your Morning Off With: Holy #*&@! Payton & Kemp!!!

In case you missed it, last Thursday at a University of Washington bask.... aw, who cares?! THAT'S GARY FREAKING PAYTON AND SHAWN FREAKING KEMP. 

Morning Links

Vintage WTHHT: What the hell happened to... Joe Kleine
Authored by TB

He was a member of the 1984 USA Olympic Team. He was one of 2 players acquired from the Sacramento Kings in exchange for Danny Ainge, a trade I really disliked when I was younger. While on Phoenix he was affectionately referred to by teammate Charles Barkley along with Danny Schayes as "Schleine" (a good name but not as much as I liked Carluis Scolandry, the combination of Carl Landry and Luis Scola). He actually won a championship ring with the Bulls in 1998.

 I'm talking about Joe Kleine...

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