A win against Pacers could be confidence boost Celtics need

Recent events have no doubt shaken the Boston Celtics and stirred the proverbial pot of New England fans – a diehard group, to say the least. But could the away win against the Nets, after a three-game losing streak, be a sign of things to come?

So far, the team in green has nearly double the number of losses as its wins, but I don’t see tomorrow’s match against the Pacers as much of a fight. Yes, it’s a home game for Indiana, but their record is nothing to brag about. If anything, a soft win could be exactly what our guys need to continue the upward swing for more serious games in the future.

Toronto is intimidating because of its record while also having the home court advantage. Obviously, I want the team to give the Raptors all they’ve got, but I don’t see a loss against Toronto as devastating as it would be in the upcoming game against the Pelicans, where we have home court advantage against a team with a slightly better record.

If the team can focus on the more “winnable” games in the near future – Pacers and Pelicans – I believe it could give them the confidence boost that they probably need against more formidable opponents.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in the power of positive thinking.