A Celtic could lead Team USA to 2024 Olympic gold at the TD Garden

To the many, many people complaining about the numerous potential problems the Olympics coming to Boston might bring, step back for a second and consider the sheer awesomeness it represents from a sports fan perspective.  In this case, specifically basketball.  Olympic hoops will be played at the TD Garden.  Just think about that for a moment.

In all likelihood Team USA will be winning a gold medal on our sacred parquet floor.  OK, maybe the actual floor will be different, but you get the point.

Who knows, maybe Marcus Smart, James Young or a future Celtic who's still in high school will be on the team.  Imagine having the opportunity to watch a Celtics player capture Olympic gold here, in his own building.  That's a sports memory you won't see duplicated again any time soon (or ever?).

And even if Team USA 2024 is Celtic-free, it'll still give Boston the chance to hang a new kind of banner up there in the rafters--Olympic Champions.

I may have to hang on to my season tickets for the next ten years just to see than happen.

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