Woj Bomb: Celtics in "serious talks" regarding a Rajon Rondo trade

Business is about to pick up.

Via Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc Spears

As much as ever in his nine seasons in Boston, the Celtics have left strong impressions with rival organizations that they’re prepared to make a deal that includes Rondo, sources said. Boston has been engaged in discussions described as “serious” in recent days, but no trade agreement is imminent.

Boston's asking price for Rondo remains "pretty high, probably higher than most want to pay," one league official told Yahoo.

Obviously, this isn't the first time that Rajon Rondo's name has come up in trade talks. However, the fact that the NBA's top two reporters are breaking the story brings this thing to an entirely different level.

The Yahoo article also mentioned that the Celtics were also shopping Jeff Green for a first round pick, but clearly the Rondo-bit is the big news here.

I mentioned this in a column earlier in the week, and to be clear the Yahoo article doesn't mention any team by name, but to me the clear team to watch out for is the Sacramento Kings. The firing of their head coach proved to be a sign of an ownership who is becoming increasingly impatient, and desperately want to 'win now.'

The Sacramento Kings currently owe their first round pick to the Chicago Bulls. And the protections on it (top 10 over the next three seasons) mean that the earliest first round pick they could trade would be 2018.

Again, can't stress it enough - The Sacramento Kings involvement is 100% speculation on my part.


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