Wait, Jeff Green is averaging 20 points per game? Watch his huge dunk from last night (video)

Jeff Green is on a bit of a scoring streak of late.  In his last seven games Uncle Jeff has tallied 25, 32, 19, 25, 28, 16 and 28 points, for an average of 24.7 over the stretch.  Green's season scoring average is now an even 20.0 points per game.

The list of star players Green is outscoring this year is a fairly impressive one: Kyle Lowry (19.7), Al Jefferson (19.5), Marc Gasol (19.5), Pau Gasol (19.5), DeMar DeRozan (19.4), Gordon Hayward (18.9), Dirk Nowitzki (18.8), Dwight Howard (18.8), Chris Paul (18.0), John Wall (17.8), Kevin Love (17.6) and Derrick Rose (17.2).

My thoughts on Green's big scoring numbers lately are as follows:

In the course of NBA games somebody has to score points, and in the Celtics' case recently that person is Green.  He did have this monster dunk over Samuel Dalembert last night though:

I refuse to get sucked into the trap of wondering for the 87th time if Jeff Green has finally turned a corner...

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