Video: Kevin Garnett blows in David West's ear

Kevin Garnett is up to his usual antics again. Last month, KG pretended to bite Joakim Noah's arm, but today he decided to mimic Lance Stephenson and blow in David West's ear. West reacted by committing a technical foul.

From The Brooklyn Game:

Kevin Garnett is notorious around the league for a defensive style that harasses and frequently irritates his opponents, but midway through the first quarter he took a page out of ex-Pacers guard Lance Stephenson’s book by blowing in David West’s ear.

The exchange started with a Garnett tug on West’s arm that warranted a foul. After a brief exchange, Garnett sidled next to West and blew in his ear, which immediately sparked a shove from West. West was given a technical foul, and the YES broadcasters relayed they heard West say “he was not going to put up with that” kind of stuff.

Maybe Garnett still carries a grudge from when West snubbed the Celtics to join the Pacers back in 2011, and was pretty vocal about why he didn't want to come to Boston. But most likely he is just being KG.

In a post-game interview with the media, West had some pretty humorous words to say about the incident, comparing KG's more "aggressive" blowing habits to Lance's "more sensual" ones:

A side note: the Garnett/West incident was not the strangest thing to happen during the Nets-Pacers game. Indiana players were slightly more creeped out by a fan who decided to smell Lavoy Allen on the sidelines: