The Brooklyn Nets might be blowing it up

Well, the Celtics rebuild window might've just gotten shorter - Apparently not content with spending a ridiculous amount of money for a horrifically boring, and sub-marginal basketball team, the Brooklyn Nets may be looking to unload their three highest paid players.

via Marc Stein
NEW YORK -- The Brooklyn Nets have begun reaching out to teams to let them know that former All-Stars Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson are all available via trade, has learned.

League sources told that ‎the Nets, off to a disappointing 8-11 start and looking to retool after last season's $190 million roster filled with veterans couldn't advance beyond the second round of the playoffs, have ‎let it be known that they are prepared to move any of those franchise cornerstones in what would likely be separate deals if they came to fruition because of the high salaries each possess.

Sources say no trade is imminent involving any of the three players.

In case you've forgotten, or if you're like me and you just like reminding yourself, the Celtics own the Nets' 2016 and 2018 first round picks, and also have the right to swap picks in 2017 (the Nets do have their own 2015 pick). While clearly all three players are far from All-Stars currently, they're still above average talents, and will almost definitely be better than any players the Nets would be able to get back in a theoretical trade. And while the Nets may be able to free up some cap for next year, there aren't many attractive free agents available this summer, and even if there were, it's not as if the Nets have a very compelling pitch to make.

Meaning in all likelihood, a Nets trade would be a very good thing for the Celtics.

To temper some of the excitement; finding suitors for both Williams and Johnson will be an extremely difficult task for the Nets to pull off. Both players are scheduled to make more than 20 million dollars next season, and I can't see any team willing to take them off the Nets hands without also receiving some combination of picks and assets - two things the Nets do not have.

That being said, if the Nets are able to unload them they will almost certainly be very, very bad next season. And that's very, very good for the Boston Celtics.