The 2015 All-Star jerseys are pretty dope

If you've only been watching the NBA since the 2000's, I'd completely understand if you thought that every year in February the NBA's brightest stars got together to play an exhibition game in the world's most elaborately horrific looking basketball jerseys. You've been subject to an odd combination of sleeves, elaborate patterns on top of elaborate patterns, and a weird incorporation of the color gold.

But it wasn't always that way! Back in the late 80's and early 90's, jerseys were much simpler. And as we've seen over the years, sometimes it's best to admit your mistakes and go back to what works (here's looking at you, Philadelphia 76ers).

And that's just what the good folks at Adidas and the NBA have done this year. This year's jerseys aren't necessarily a throwback to the Bird era jerseys, but they certainly take a cue from them; a heavy emphasis on keeping things as simple as possible. So simple, that you'll notice that the only thing that appears on the front of the jerseys themselves are the number, and a small All-Star patch. The stars on the side of the jersey represent each of New York's 5 Boroughs.

Anyways, I could keep doing that thing where I write in detail about things you could easily see for yourself, or I can just post the pictures and let you enjoy. Let's do the latter.

Western Conference

Eastern Conference / Toon Squad