Sam Amick: "Rondo known to be interested in joining the Lakers"

USA Today’s Sam Amick reported Friday morning that Rajon Rondo is “known” to be interested in joining the Lakers.

Here are the bullet points from an article posted by Jay King of MassLive with color commentary by Padraic O’Connor of CelticsLife:

USA TODAY: Amick reported Friday that the "Rondo possibility" presented the Los Angeles Lakers with "an intriguing Plan D of sorts that is entirely real and potentially potent."

P.O.C: Makes a ton of sense to me. Kobe doesn’t like ANYONE but seems to like Rondo a lot. The Rondo-To-LA theory isn’t new, would make the two stars in question happy; at least for one year until Bryant retires and Rondo is left holding the bag of the other greatest NBA franchise as they continue their rebuild.

USA TODAY: Amick suggested the Lakers should wait until the summer, when Rondo becomes a free agent, to pursue the four-time All-Star. Any midseason trade would rob the Lakers of valuable future assets while giving them a better chance of winning now -- which would not help long term since they only keep their draft choice if it stays in the top five (anything lower gets shipped to Phoenix).

P.O.C.: Danny Ainge isn’t dumb. A trade now for a combination of Lin, Nash, and a pick for Rondo would work from a money standpoint, but that doesn’t help the Celtics. The inclusion of Rondo on the Lakers feeding the ball to Kobe, Swaggy P, and Jordan Hill might worsen their chances of keeping their pick- it needs to be a top 5 pick or else they lose it.

I’m not in the business of executing NBA trades, but NO ONE is in the business of trading an All-Star/Captain/Franchise Face to a historic rival for a draft pick you probably won’t get.

USA TODAY: The two have long shared a mutual admiration for each other's games and competitive streaks. Whether that means Rondo actually does want to join Bryant in Los Angeles remains to be seen.

P.O.C.: Kobe and Rondo’s mutual admiration is apparent and has been for a while. Seeing them play together in LA is such a perfect fit it’s sickening. It works for a million reasons, almost none of which have to do with the Lakes winning a 17th banner. Two guys that hate everyone going into Ride or Die mode for one of the worlds most storied franchises. Kobe taking 40 shots a game with Rondo feeding the ball exclusively to him. Rondo taking his fashion game to the next level. It would be great! It just wouldn’t put checks in the win column.

USA TODAY: Rondo has expressed a desire to explore his options in free agency. Several times, though, he has also repeated a love for Boston and a respect for the Celtics organization.

P.O.C.: Paul Pierce explored free agency. Melo explored free agency. LeBron explored free agency. Rasual Butler explored free agency. Lance Stephenson explored free agency. Many players do, and everyone should. You have to know your own value, no matter what job you are doing.

For some it works out, for some it doesn’t, and some stay home in the long run. At the end of the day you go where you can be the happiest, where you’re appreciated, and make the most money. If that winds up being Boston, Rondo will be back. If not, well, I’m sure the Celtics will have a hell of a tribute video waiting for him when he returns to the Garden regardless of the jersey he is wearing.

Photo Source: Brian Babineau/Getty Images