Rajon Rondo has a group text with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and other former teammates

Dime Magazine recently ran an article surrounding this tweet from Jay King of MassLive.com:

So the heart and soul of ubuntu still lives on in the form of a group text.

I can only imagine some of the conversations that must be had between Rajon Rondo and the four former Celtics.

I'd like to think they're talking about Gino time, Superman and all the other great moments had during their time in Boston.

Notably absent from the group is Ray Allen. This may not come as a surprise to most after reports of the Rondo-Allen beef and Allen's departure to the rival Miami Heat in 2012.

Hopefully whoever has a problem with him can patch things up before any 2008 team reunions are held because Allen was such an important piece of the championship team and the ones who made deep playoff runs that it would be a shame not to have him in attendance. Not to mention he is still one third of the Big Three.

Who knows, worst case scenario maybe Paul Pierce can convince Rondo to stick with the Celtics during these losing seasons just like he did.

Well, if that's what your into.

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