Pistons asking for a first round pick for Greg Monroe

The Detroit Pistons are nothing short of a complete disaster, and arguably no one feels that more than PF/C, Greg Monroe. After failing to come to terms on an extension with the Pistons, Monroe decided to go the unconventional route, and signed his qualifying offer this season for just 5.5 million dollars. At the time, many believed that Monroe did this as opposed to signing an offer-sheet else wise in fear of the Pistons matching a deal.

According to the Sporting News that's absolutely true; Monroe desperately wants out of Detroit, and the Pistons are apparently interested in giving him his wish provided they get a first round pick in return.

According to NBA rules, Pistons forward Greg Monroe is now eligible to be traded. ,sources told Sporting News, he wants that, badly. But teams seeking Monroe will need to cough up a first-round pick, and that’s a sticking point.

By signing the qualifying offer Greg Monroe does have the right to veto any trade, but the Sporting News article points out that he'd be unlikely to exercise that option based on his desire to get out of Motown.

I've made it no secret that I think the Celtics should do their best to acquire Monroe. He's a very gifted offensive player with a fairly unique skill set. He's not the world's greatest defender, but much like DeMarcus Cousins and Al Jefferson, I think a lot of that can be minimalized by a coach who schemes for his strengths. Some of that is already happening, too. The Detroit Pistons are a much better defensive unit with Monroe on the floor.

Between his age, size, and an increasingly shallow free agency market it's very likely that Monroe will command a max salary. To me, having a 6'11 guy with his kind of upside is very much worth that amount.