Nick Young: Jared Sullinger's trash talk "made me feel like I was a punk or something"

Apparently the Celtics have found another big who can follow in the footsteps of Kevin Garnett's trash talking abilities on the court, which allowed him to get under the skin of his opponents.

During Friday night's game between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, Jared Sullinger allegedly said some things to make Nick Young pretty salty, and usually Swaggy P is an upbeat kind of guy.

In an interview with the media today, Young elaborated on what happened during the game:

“I don’t like when people talk trash and then they get the W after and they feel like they did something,” Young said Sunday. “I don’t like that feeling.”

Who was talking trash?

“Jared Sullinger,” Young said, mentioning the Celtics forward. “Me and him got into it. I just didn't like that.”

Sullinger had 17 points on 5-of-9 shooting, 13 rebounds, two assists and two steals in the Celtics’ 113-96 win. Young said the two do not have a history of such incidents.

“Just hitting shots, talking trash, looking at the bench,” Young said. “It made me feel like I was a punk or something. I don’t stand for that.” 

Personally, I like the fact that Sullinger is getting into the Celtics/Lakers rivalry, but aside from the competitive nature of the trash-talking, Celtics Life writer Mark Vandeusen pointed out that the incident could have in fact altered the outcome of the game. At the time, the Lakers had gained momentum and had cut the lead to single digits, but after Swaggy P got frustrated with Sullinger and committed a hard foul, the Celtics put their foot on the pedal and never let up.

ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg posted a couple videos of the interactions between Sully and Swaggy P -- the video above illustrates some of the initial verbal exchanges, while the video below shows Nick Young committing the foul. I'd love to see ItsReal85, creator of the "NBA Uncensored Trash Talk" videos on YouTube and World Star Hip Hop, do some voice overs on the incident.

How do you feel about Sullinger's use of trash talk? Sound off in the comments below.

UPDATE: Click here for a much better quality video of the exchanges between Young and Sully, courtesy of MrTripleDouble10.