If the game were today would Jeff Green deserve to be an All-Star?

Prior to the season Jeff Green made it known through Marc D'Amico and Celtics.com that one of his main goals was to make his first All Star appearance:
“Individually, I would like to make the All-Star team,” Green told Celtics.com earlier this week. “I think that’s one of my big goals.”

Achieving that goal would be quite an accomplishment for the seventh-year forward. After all, he was only the fifth-leading vote getter among Eastern Conference small forwards a season ago. But Green believes he’s put in the necessary work to take his game to an All-Star level.

“I’ve been working out in the gym a lot,” a visibly bulked up Green said. “I’ve put on some weight.”

Nearly 10 pounds, according to strength and conditioning coach Bryan Doo. And on top of the added weight, Green has also refined his game on the court.

“There’s so much that I have to have my eye on, but I try to conquer everything,” he said, alluding to his versatile floor game. “I think I did a good job of that this summer. So I’ve just got to transfer it into the season.”

A few weeks back I called Green a borderline All Star and with the game coming up in less than two months the question needs to be asked if it were to be decided today should Uncle Jeff make his first All-Star team.

At this point I would say no.

He routinely has spectacular highlights and is averaging the highest ppg total of his career at 20 per game however he is averaging less than two assists and five rebounds a game.

Green has been criticized routinely in his career for his lack of rebounding prowess and has done nothing this year to dispel this reputation.

The Celtics are also well below five hundred and All-Stars typically are guys you can go to down the stretch when you need a big basket and Green has not been that guy.

More to that point, he is shooting under 32 percent from three point range for the season.

Having said that, if the Celtics were to get to above .500 by the time All Star reserves are named, he steps up his rebounding and three ball shooting, as well as his late game productivity, we just might see Green adorning this uniform come February.