Green Envy: What Pistons fans said 12/3

The Celts beat Detroit in a sloppy one tonight, and as expected, Pistons fans were disappointed. Whether it was excessive optimism or utter sadness, it wasn't pretty. There was plenty of Josh Smith hate to go around.

Giving up hope early:

Josh Smith long 2. F this.

I'm sick of just about everyone on this team.
Blow it up. Please, for the love of god, blow it up.

*Tries to not get hopes up after 1Q*

Who are these Celts?

Why are we letting a Zeller make us look so bad?

...It takes exactly zero Zellers to make us look bad.

Olynyk is the new Jordan

Despressing Slate:

I have a bet with 6 people that the pistons will win their next 2
3 friends, 2 teachers, and a Celtics fan. A lot is on the line . . .
(None of the bets involve money, only cookies and cards
I’m willing to bet…. For now)

You're going to owe six people cookies and cards pretty soon...

Defensively we seem slightly awake

Cue GIF Of Josh Smith Hoisting A Brick

Our offense absolutely bogs down because they're just begging Josh to shoot and not even guarding him.

Can Smith hit anything?

Yes, but only after egregiously traveling.

He's very skilled at hitting air molecules.
(and those are really small! Such accuracy!

We really need a nickname for Cartier...

judging from Brandon's disgusted headshake
that wasn’t what they drew up.

...That works for a guy shooting 12.5 percent from three this season.

Just checked
Yup, Kyle Singler still sucks.

Smith used to dunk. A lot.
he also used to be able to catch
and defend. . .

Apparently, at some point he used to be able to play basketball.

Josh, you are not the point guard.

After that nice comeback with Josh on the bench maybe SVG will get the clue.

Did we just execute a play?

I'm just going to say it now
This Monroe-Drummond combo just doesn’t work.

What more information do you need to bench Josh Smith already?

I say bench him for life

Pistons lose 10th straight in OT...jesus