So Chris Johnson is now a starter for the Sixers (who look to be even worse than last year)

After what I saw from Chris Johnson a season ago in Boston, I was really hoping the Celtics would figure out a way to keep him.  But they didn't, and the 76ers snatched Johnson up a few days later.  I wrote "it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to see him earn serious minutes on this Philly squad."

Well guess what, Johnson is a starter.  He played 32 minutes in the Sixers' opening night loss to Indiana, and another 29 in a 93-81 defeat last night in Milwaukee.  Although honestly I'm not sure that says as much about Johnson as it does about how pathetic Philly is.  Here's a screenshot from of their box score against the Bucks:

How many legit NBA players do you see there?  Two?  Two-and-a-half?  The 76ers actually led this contest 74-73 after three quarters, then proceeded to put up a grand total of seven points in the 4th while missing their final 14 shots.  They were held scoreless for the last 8:21 of the game.  Eight minutes and twenty-one seconds!  How is that even possible?

As disgraceful as the Sixers were last season, they still started the year with some spunk going 3-0.  This team is in full-on tank mode already.  Yikes.

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