Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger make the Celtics different.

Cue the 2 Chainz music!

According to the Houston Rockets, the Celtics are different and it's all because Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk can shoot.
"It's different because they have an inverted offense," said Rockets head coach Kevin McHale. "They make plays out there on the perimeter, not just shoot the ball. A lot of guys, they're one-trick ponies. They stand out there and shoot it. Those guys hit cutters and they're both basketball players. I think Danny's done a nice job of assembling good solid basketball players."
Dwight Howard was even giving the Celtics big men some credit while talking to A. Sherrod Blakely of 
Having both bigs out shooting 3s, picking and popping the whole game. It shows where the game is going. 
It is important to point out that they both praised the C's before they proceeded to go 1-25 from beyond the arc and losing 104-90 on Saturday, but it is intriguing to see how other teams view this Celtics roster.

Maybe Danny Ainge has made it a point of emphasis to have his big men stretch the floor and could be one of the reasons we see guys like Brandon Bass working on their 3 point game.

Regardless of why they are letting it fly from deep, living and dying by the three ball is something that can and will drive Celtics fans crazy. Especially when they shoot 4% like on Saturday night, but hey no one said different was better.

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