Gordon Hayward and the Utah Jazz sink the Cleveland Cavaliers

Gordon Hayward hit the most exciting and biggest shot yet this season when he dropped a 19 footer while being guarded by Tristan Thompson (on a switch after LeBron James had slipped) as the buzzer sounded giving Utah a 102-100 victory over Cleveland tonight in Salt Lake.

This was the second insane highlight of the evening from Hayward who finished with 21 points, 7 assists and four rebounds.

He had this ridiculous block on LBJ earlier in the game as well:

Kyrie Irving had a big game for the Cavs points wise but had a concerning stat line: 34 pts, one rebound, 0 assists. The Cavs as a team had a mere six assists for the entire game.

LeBron finished with 31 as the Cavaliers fell to 1-3. The Jazz improved to 2-3 as Derrick Favors contributed a double double with 21 and 10.