Dwight Powell, James Young back with Celtics after huge D-League performances (expect this trip often)

The pair of Celtics rookies scored 21 points apiece in their D-League debuts for the Maine Red Claws on Sunday night.  Powell pulled down 17 rebounds as well.  Here's a bit of analysis from Mass Live's Jay King:

[Powell] dashed to the paint for a variety of finishes, including one lefty hook, threaded one perfect bounce pass to Young on a backdoor cut, and generally looked a lot quicker and more fluid than anyone defending him. 
Most of Powell's offense came inside; the Celtics will likely want him to expand his game. The rest of his skill set screams “STRETCH 4!!!” but to develop into that he needs to be willing and able to shoot the basketball. 
It probably sounds weird, but the one play that excited me most was Young sprinting back on defense. He didn't even impact the play in discussion, but his long steps covered ground quickly enough to forget, briefly, that he hasn't yet learned the best practices to capitalize on his many intriguing skills. Despite misfiring on plenty of opportunities, both inside and out, he did reveal his vast scoring potential.

Both players were recalled by the Celtics today, and will be in uniform against the Suns tonight.

Don't be surprised when they get sent back down (and recalled again) in the very near future.  This is likely how it's going to go for these two.  Neither Powell or Young is about to get much playing time with the C's in the immediate future, so they'll frequently end up in Maine to see game action.

However, the Red Claws don't play again until Friday night, so the rookies are back in Boston with the big club.  I expect them to be making a lot of brief trips to Maine on Celtics off nights.

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