Did you know Rajon Rondo is nearly averaging a triple-double? (and at a historic early-season pace)

Yes, it's only been three games, and Rondo hasn't actually posted a triple-double in any of them.  But his per-game averages so far are 8.0 points, 11.7 assists and 8.7 rebounds.  Plus there's this:

And this:

It's pretty rare for a player's scoring number to be the lowest of the three; maybe Rondo is still a little off from the broken hand and he'll look to shoot more as the season goes along (and hopefully bring up his 37.9 FG%).

Also odd, Rondo has led the Celtics in rebounding in all three games.  While this appears to be a great sign for his hustle/attitude/desire to win and help the ballclub, it does not bode well for the starting frontcourt of Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger.  Olynyk's poor rebounding (5.0 per game) is no big surprise, but I expected Sullinger's average to be a lot higher than just 6.7.

To repeat, it's only been thee games.  But these are trends worth paying attention to.

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