Trade Rumors: Jeff Green will be "easy to move"

Grantland's Zach Lowe recently published a column "33 Crazy Predictions for the NBA Season."  No. 2 on his list is "Boston will keep Rajon Rondo and trade Jeff Green."  While everyone and their mother has a theory on Rondo's future, Lowe does provide some optimistic insight for Celtics fans hoping Boston can deal Green:

Green has a player option for 2015-16, meaning he may be working on a de facto expiring contract. His price will come down as the season moves along, but Boston might be willing to accept a diminished return. He’s a likable guy with more fans across the league than you might expect, and he can split minutes between the two forward positions.

We know now that Green isn’t a primary offensive option, but he has become a good spot-up shooter, he runs the floor, and he’s a nice secondary threat. He can attack gaps in the defense, provided a teammate cracks them open first. 
Green could fit in lots of places. If Boston doesn’t view him as a long-term core piece, he’ll be easy to move.

Lowe mentions Toronto, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston and New York as intriguing potential destinations.

Green and his $9.2 million salary will take the floor tonight for the first time this preseason.  Maybe Brad Stevens should think about running Green out there for 40 minutes and making him the focal point of the Celtics' offense.  Nothing boosts a player's trade value like some nice stat padding...

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