Rolling Stone magazine has an article about Brian Scalabrine

Brendan Prunty of Rolling Stone magazine recently did a feature on Brian Scalabrine. The article/interview details why Scal turned down other NBA coaching jobs, why he calls Boston home & how he nearly broke the Internet.

If you've got the time the whole article's worth a read.

Here's some highlights:

Hi, this is Brian Scalabrine. I was with the Celtics and now work for Comcast – I was wondering if I could get a table for two for, say, 7:15?

He waits.

You do? Great. Thanks so much. See you soon.

He hangs up, drops the phone in the center console, then shuffles himself back in the seat and exhales.

"Was that weird?" he asks, semi-seriously. "That wasn't weird, right? I hate playing that card. I'm not a name-dropper. I mean, we needed a table right? I just hope it didn't come off to the guy as too lame, you know? If I do have to name-drop, I try to do it up front and not wait until they tell me they don't have a table and then I've got to bust out the 'Well, I'm Brian Scalabrine and I'm with the Celtics and we won the title a few years ago. Do you have a table for me now?'"

He laughs.

"I always knew I wanted to be a broadcaster for the Boston Celtics," he says. "Ever since I've retired, every move I've made I kept thinking it was going to be the long-term one. But I know that this decision is the best decision."

"Come on man, get me a coffee! Remember: I'm the talent!"

Andy Levine takes the $20 bill, knowing that he has created a monster. Scalabrine laughs, as he walks down Canal Street across from TD Garden on a cold, overcast Thursday afternoon. Levine, the associate producer for CSN New England's Celtics coverage, has been directing Scalabrine all over the neighborhood as part of a video shoot for the team's season-preview package. It's Scalabrine standing in front of notable sights around Boston, where portions of him reading from his "I'm Coming Home" letter will be dubbed over later.

Scalabrine has been constantly ribbing him about being the "big-shot on the set." (The set consisting of Levine, cameraman Scott Sassone, Scalabrine and one reporter.)

"How would it look if I got my own coffee?" he jokes.

Before heading into the Dunkin' Donuts on the corner, Levine tells Scalabrine that he's going to use $15 of change to tip the guy behind the counter.

"Funny thing is," Levine says, heading inside, "Scal is nice enough, he probably would tip the guy $15."

Scal does seem like the type of guy you could sit down with, drink a couple beers and just hang out with. Also nice to see he doesn't let fame get to his head like other NBAers so *cough* LeBron *cough*.

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