Rajon Rondo is back practicing (non-contact drills only)

Prior to Friday night's exhibition loss to the Raptors, Brad Stevens said that Rajon Rondo has returned to practice.  Via Marc D'Amico of Celtics.com, here are some quotes from Stevens:

Rondo has done some non-contact offensive type work in practice. Just shooting and some offensive review, but no real defensive work yet, and he hasn't been OK'd for contact. 
We'll know more hopefully in 10 days or so when he will get that word.

If by chance Rondo actually is cleared for contact in 10 days, which would be October 20, it's definitely possible he'll be in the lineup opening night vs. Brooklyn on the 29th (just like he said).  But, "we'll hopefully know more in 10 days" could also just as easily be something along the lines of "in two weeks we may learn he's roughly a month away."

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