Pau Gasol says it's "Possible" brother Marc will sign with Knicks, and why that's not insignificant

In all likelihood, Marc Gasol will enter the summer as the league's most coveted free agent. And since fans and media in the New York area alike are understandable already looking forward to next season, the question of if 'The Big Spaniard' would consider signing in the Big Apple has already surfaced.

Yesterday, Marc's brother Pau, shed some light on the situation:

via NY-Post
Pau, in town with the Bulls, his new team, said it is “possible” his 29-year-old brother could wind up in New York and mentioned he has talked to Marc about Knicks president Phil Jackson in the past.

“We’ll see what happens next year, what he decides. Hopefully he’ll have a strong year and all the options in the world, because he’s one of the top centers, interior players in the league, so any team would be fortunate to have him,” the 34-year-old Spaniard said of his younger brother, before the Bulls demolished the Knicks, 104-80, Wednesday night at the Garden. “It’s a personal decision. I talked to my brother enough about Phil that he knows what he brings to the table.

I understand that people's instant reaction would be to play this off as completely insignificant. Pressured into an answer, Pau provided a fairly-blah none response, and the New York media is doing their best to blow it out of proportion. Some of that might be true, but there is at least a little bit of significance to this.

Marc Gasol grew up in Memphis. To this point he's spent his entire career in Memphis, and in return, Memphis has provided him with a pretty consistently talented supporting cast. And because of this, many insiders around the league were rather adamant that Marc Gasol would never consider leaving Memphis.

So while the fact that it's 'possible' that Gasol would sign with the Knicks isn't of much interest, it being 'possible' that he might leave Memphis is.