LeBron becoming more of a leader in Cleveland

In addition to his always electrifying play and pursuit of a championship in Cleveland, one story line that will be fascinating to watch over the next few seasons is LeBron's ability to develop the young, talented players around him.

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Apparently he is already taking a more active role as a leader in Cleveland, in a way that has been noticed by teammates and coaches alike. LeBron held court this week in a players only meeting that he scheduled himself, addressing every member of the team. Following the meeting, Dion Waiters had this to say:

"I was looking like, 'Wow.' That's crazy that he broke down every individual thing he wants guys to do," Dion Waiters said. "He wrote down every player from the guy in training camp who may be here or may not be here. …It was unbelievable. It was great."

Anderson Varejao, veteran and long-time time James teammate, also noted a change, stating that while LeBron used to speak with his teammates individually, it wasn't to the extent it is now. With a stable of young talent around him, most noteably Kyrie Irving, LeBron has a chance to do something very special in Cleveland.

His return to his hometown team has thrust him into a leadership role, and he will continue to be under a magnifying glass as he has been for his entire career.

My gut tells me their going to be pretty good.